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BoYu Chinese School


Boyu Chinese School 

Peterborough Boyu Chinese School is founded by dedicated and experienced teachers who love to teach the Chinese language, literature and culture. We would like to stimulate and encourage Chinese descendents and local British to learn Chinese language, literature and culture knowledge.




Boyu Concept 博育理念

We sincerely look forward to your arrival and learn Chinese together!

我们衷心期待你们的到来, 和我们一起学习中文!

With the process of world economic integration and the rapid development of China's economy, China is becoming more and more important in the world political and economic fields in the next generation of youth, not only Chinese youth, but also British youth, more and more people began to learn Chinese. Therefore, at the beginning of the establishment of Boyu Chinese School, We set our teaching learning principles: practical, communicative, targeted, interesting and cross-cultural principles, so that language can really play the role of communication tool.


At the same time, language education and cultural education are inseparable. While introducing China's long-standing history and culture, we focus more on contemporary culture and literary appreciation. It is hoped that while learning Chinese, students can learn more about contemporary China, see China's development and approach Chinese people's life. Through the study of Chinese and the comparison of Eastern and Western cultures, cultivate our students to look at issues from the different culture's perspective, so as to cultivate talents with  international outlook.


All the teachers of Boyu have more than 5 years of first-hand teaching experiences in Chinese and English dual language teaching skills. We will make precise positioning for different students, British Chinese students and native British students, and grasp the differences, advantages and disadvantages of "literacy" education and foreign language teaching; At the same time, we summarised how to overcome an important problem and difficulty in learning language in overseas teaching -- literacy. After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of "Pinyin literacy method" and "direct literacy method", We have made detailed arrangements from textbook selection to curriculum, from teachers' lesson preparation to teaching plan; At the same time, provide students with Pinyin and non Pinyin materials for extracurricular reading. Consolidate the new words of students through cross learning. At the same time, divide the new words into those that need to be written by dictation and those that only need to be read, so as to reduce the burden of students and have more time to enjoy the fun of reading! Teachers have a deep understanding of the relationship between Pinyin, literacy and reading. In teaching, students will naturally get twice the result with half the effort in the process of language learning, so as to stimulate their interest in learning Chinese, and students can go far on the road of learning Chinese!


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