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Chinese School Admissions

Admissions & Fees 登记和学费

Admissions Guide

Peterborough Boyu Chinese School is founded by dedicated and experienced teachers who love to teach the Chinese language, literature and culture. We would like to stimulate and encourage Chinese descendents and local British to learn Chinese language, literature and culture knowledge.

自发集资创建,以教授汉语语言知识,传播和 弘扬中华民族优秀传统文化,激发和鼓励华 裔及喜爱中华文化人士学习中文的公益性学 校。

Teacher Team 师资团队

All teachers have at least 5 years of Chinese and English dual language teaching experience.

全部老师具有至少5 年以上丰富的


Teaching Methods 教学方式

Mandarin, Chinese PinYin and simplified Chinese characters.



Enrolment 招生对象

We accept both adults and children aged 4 years old and over.

年满4 周岁以上青少年儿童

It summaries the "literacy" teaching and foreign language teaching, the advantages and disadvantages of learning Pinyin literacy method and direct literacy method. The teachers carefully selected the TEXTBOOKS published by JI NAN UNIVERSITY for overseas students and HSK4 and HSK5.

班级与教材:总结了“扫盲”教学和外语教学及 拼音识字法和直接识字法的利与弊,老师们精 心选择暨南大学海外学生编辑教材《中文》和 HSK4、HSK5

Register Today 今天注册

New student registration form for Peterborough Boyu Chinese School.  博育华文学院新生入学登记表

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Our Classes 我们班级

  • Pinyin

    £260 annual fee
  • Textbook 1 and 2 of Chinese

    £260 annual fee
  • Textbook 3, 4 and 5 of Chinese

    £260 annual fee
  • Textbook HSK4 and HSK5

    £270 annual fee
  • For Y9 and Y10 students, preparing for Y11 GCSE exam

    £330 annual fee

Download Registration Form

Please download a copy of our new student registration form or complete our online form below.


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