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Teaching Objectives 教学目标

Let’s Learn Together

Teaching Objectives 教学目标: Welcome

Peterborough Boyu Chinese School aims to ensure that children can achieve success in the process of learning Chinese language for up to ten years. Each grade has a set detailed learning objectives, including teaching methods, teaching priorities, teaching requirements and the amount of literacy.

博育学校为了确保孩子在长达十年的辛苦学习中文的过程中,做到学有所 成。我们每一个年级都有详细的学习目标的设定,包括教学方法,教学重点,教 学要求以及识字量的多少等做了细致的规划。

This ensures that 这样可以确保:

Teachers should better grasp the key points of teaching and the direction, so as to achieve the teaching goal in teaching arrangement and lesson preparation.

教师在教学安排和备课中,更好抓住教学重点,把握好方向,从而达 到教学目标。

Students can better grasp the key points of learning, master the key points of knowledge, and meet the requirements of listening, speaking, reading and writing at all stages, so as to achieve the learning objectives set by school.

学生可以在学习中更好抓住学习重点,掌握知识要点,达到听、说、 读、写在各个阶段的要求,从而实现我们设定的学习目标。

Parents have made clear the teaching objectives of each grade. Whether children come to our school for short-term learning or long-term learning, they can be rest assured and what learning results their children will achieve at each stage, so as to help their children and cooperate with the teachers to achieve the learning objectives set by school.

家长明晰了各年级的教学目标,无论是让孩子来我校是短期学习还是 长期学习,可以做到心理有底,自己的孩子在各个阶段将会达到什么样的学习成 果,进而会帮助孩子,配合老师达到我们制定的学习目标。

We will share our detailed teaching plan, teaching focus and teaching objectives with the parents who’s children have enrolled and are interest to enrol, and answer any questions you have. Let's work together to achieve our learning goals.

我们会把我们制定的详细的教学计划,教学重点和教学目标分享给报名家 长和感兴趣的家长们,同时回答你们的任何疑问。让我们共同努力达到我们的学 习目标。

Teaching Objectives 教学目标: List
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